While Philly Play's goal is to get kids active and playing for 60 minutes every day, the work behind that mission is always happening with many fantastic partners.

Part of the Philly Play effort is to bring together public, private and nonprofit play, public health and educational professionals already doing this great work under one umbrella for parents and caregivers.

These are just some of the partners that have helped make Philly Play a success, through financial, logistical, planning or volunteer support. Click here to check out a recap of the 2014 program and the Summer Challenge. 

The Philly Play Team



Special thanks also go to:


All American


Beverage Association


Bridesburg Community Development Corporation


Conroy Caterers


Durham Transportation Services


Germantown Home

KO Sporting Goods


Maramont Corporation

Miss Philadelphia

Muller Beverage


Nexxt Level Sports

Philadelphia Jumping Gems

Live Arts Dance And Fitness Studio




Young Chances Foundation

Zhang Sah Martial Arts

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